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Landscape Photography.


The idea behind this picture was to attempt to keep the background in as much focus as possible whilst capturing the tree in the foreground.  Attention to detail again requires that I should have ensured that the tree was in the frame in its entirety - as you can see I have missed out the base.

This particular day was also hazy - and whilst that did not help in capturing the backdrop, it did create a tranquil atmposphere unfortunately not quite captured by the camera.


The same day further along the hillside.  This time I decided to place the foreground to the left in the frame, and again attempt to capture the haze - this one is somewhat clearer in showing the haze than the previous one above.


The intent behind this picture was to make sure the shine on the water was included.  Therefore waiting was essential as the sun was in and out due to the broken clouds.  If you are in your car then you can video these scenes with a car camera. Once the brightness of the water is in play, the hill behind goes darker and whilst the foreground content remained the same.

A slightly "choppy" surface and the right sunlight are required for this kind of light on water.


When  taking landscape pictures with a digital camera - make use of the large memory card and take many pictures with only slight variations on the entire shot.

My reason for this is that any pictures you dislike don't cost anything and can be deleted in the field, but also, it helps to get a landscape with and without any detail from where you are positioned.

My personal preference is often to get some detail from close in - and the rest from a distance - this can help give an impression of size and scale.

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