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Wildlife Photography.


Many subjects in the wild are moving targets, and ducks are no exception.  I consider myself quite lucky to have got this shot, because these guys move fast and hardly ever seem to stop!

The trick I found was to use a fast shutter speed - as fast as possible within the light conditions.

The benefits of using digital cameras and a usb pen for storage again came into their own - because I simply went faster and faster on the shutter - taking pictures - until I landed at the most acceptable brightness of image I was prepared to have.  Adjusting the ISO setting is also an aid in these conditions - however the higher the ISO value the more grainy the pictures can become.

Taken from around 10 Feet.



Well, perhaps the fact this guy isn't really wildlife may have been given away!

However he is in a zoo, alive, and around 20ft away.

Keeping the focus on the target and ONLY the target makes him quite rightly the proud owner of this picture, with one of these things - a camera pen - you could make a movie of him.

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